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Review by Nate: Isle of Swords


April 23, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title: The Isle of Swords

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson

Short summary:  A boy with no memory of his past. A pirate with malice in mind. An island of cursed treasure. And a mysterious green crystal. This adventure is going to capture you in a tale of faith and fortune on the high seas.
What I liked about the story: There’s a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter and they don’t spoil the bad guy’s thoughts or plans.

What I liked about the writing: The author uses terms the characters would use in that time period and has problems (plot twists and specific character weaknesses) that make the story more realistic.

Submitted by: Nate, age 12

Summary from Amazon: A young lad awakens on an island, alone and brutally injured, with no memory of his past.

Captain Declan Ross searched for riches that will free him and his headstrong daughter, Anne, from the piracy business forever . . . Bartholomew Thorne, an infamously ruthless pirate, seeks to destroy Ross and any who stand in his way of the legendary treasure hidden by a mysterious order of monks. With these intriguing characters and many more, Wayne Thomas Batson weaves a spell-binding adventure filled with high-seas drama where battles rage, storms brew, a long-dormant volcano awakens, and a sea creature slithers in the deep as pirates race for a cliff-top fortress.


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