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Review: Leather and Lace, by DiAnn Mills


April 30, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title: Leather and Lace

Author: DiAnn Mills

Short summary:
When Casey O’Hare, once part of an outlaw gang, escapes to live a new life on the right side of the law, she doesn’t anticipate meeting Morgan Andrews, a man bent on revenge. After fighting for their lives in the Utah Territory, they sense a spark that keeps them connected over months of separation. They later meet by chance in Texas, but the pain of the past keeps them from exploring their feelings to the fullest, along with the fear that the gang leader will find where they’re hiding.

What I liked about the story:

The relationship struggles were realistic and progressed steadily. I especially like that it took the characters months to sort it all out. I think there are too many romance stories today that focus on attraction and emotions. This book was solemn and genuine, and it really felt like a real western. Casey reminded me of a Louis L’Amour lead character.    

What I liked about the writing:

As a veteran author who has worked with the Romance Writers of America and the Christian Writers Guild, DiAnn Mills did not disappoint. In my study of other authors’ work, I knew I had to read at least one of her books and now I’m anxious to add more of her novels to my home library! She does a great job of choosing the right words to tell the story. The vivid descriptions of the land are some of the best I’ve seen and she masterfully wove them through each chapter. I think I underlined half the sentences in this book!


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