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How To Really Love Your Child


May 24, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

It’s been ten years since I first found this treasure and over that time I’ve loaned it out to several people. Right now I’m not sure who even has it and I’m thinking of purchasing another copy. It was the first parenting book I ever read and probably the most influential. I was simply astounded at the advice Dr. Ross Campbell gives! Similar to the concepts presented in the Five Love Languages, the truths in this book helped me set a foundation as a mom.

Just because parents love their children doesn’t mean the child actually feels loved.

So many parents today feed and clothe their children and then send them off to play video games or roam the streets with their friends. Dr. Campbell explains the importance of human interaction with babies and cited studies that proved children needed a loving adult to thrive. He explains different temperaments and how affirmation, physical touch, and focused attention are essential for every child. He also shares insight on how to tell when a child’s “love tank” is running low.

I quickly became determined that my children would never doubt my affection for them. For me the most influential concept in the book was the value of eye contact. I realized how quick I was to look my children in the eye when I was upset with them so I could drive home the point of my displeasure. But all too often I neglected to look them in the eye when I told them how much I loved them. Now whenever I compliment or thank them, I make sure they are looking right at me.

Does your child know you genuinely and unconditionally love them?


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