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Review by Kitty: Live Like a Jesus Freak


June 11, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title & Author: Live Like a Jesus Freak,  by DCTalk

Short Summary: Through this amazing book, you hear stories about people who given the worst circumstances still stay strong to the Lord even if it meant losing their own life.

What I liked about the content: What I loved about this book is that it has given me a new perspective on how exactly I should live for Christ. I want to be a Jesus Freak. With the help of this book I can be.

What I liked about the writing: It was a well-written book with captivating stories and hard hitting Christian quotes. A major page turner.

Review by: Kitty

Amazon Summary: Spend Today As If It Were Your Last. For those who’ve read Jesus Freaks, this book is the next step. Focusing on life application, the book features practical ideas for putting faith to work, challenging questions for deepening your life, and readings that will help you sustain your passion. Live Like a Jesus Freak defines what it means to believe, pray, worship, study, love, stand, forgive, rejoice, serve, and witness like a true Jesus Freak!


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