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Jen Reveals: Who Does that Character Look Like in Real Life?


June 17, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

I’ve noticed that several authors are creating contests or posting pictures of celebrities to help the reader get a visual image of what a character would actually look like in real life. Several publishers are also making trailers for books, similar to previews for movies.

While I can’t decide if I personally like that or not (it detracts from the workings of a person’s imagination), I can see there are many readers who do! So, I thought, why not give you my ideas on what my own characters would look like? Here is my take on three of the main protagonists from The Lawmen of Clayton County:Athena Creek.

For me, Trace Ingram is Sam Elliot: tall and lean, with a bushy mustache that somehow manages to make him look more handsome. His quiet, no-nonsense demeanor portrayed in several western movies perfectly fits my marshal. Just take out the grey and make him blonde.

When I picture Trace, it’s Sam Elliot I see every time.

When I picture Trace, it’s Sam Elliot I see every time.

Excluding the goofy personality, Curtis Archer reminds me of Kevin James. He’s a husky guy with a big heart, although I admit it’s hard to picture him in a cowboy hat!

photo from

photo from

The ladies are more challenging. There isn’t a celebrity that fits Lynette Ellis or Niccola Canalis quite the way I envision them. If we gave Catherine Zeta Jones some tight curls, she would come pretty close. catherine

But so far I haven’t found a celebrity to represent Lynette. Sorry!

I hope these explanations make you enjoy the story a little bit more! Who did you envision as a look-a-like for my characters?




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