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Review by Destiney: In A Heartbeat

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July 9, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title:   In a Heartbeat

Author: Loretta Ellsworth

Short summary: In a Heartbeat is about two young girls name Amelia and Eagan. Amelia needs a heart transplant and is on the waiting list for two month before she gets the call that a heart is available for her. Eagan and Amelia don’t know each other but Eagan has a heart for Amelia; however in return Eagan needs help.

What I like about the story: I found this book interesting because the two girls didn’t know each other yet they become connected and have to help each other. I like that the book was very detailed when talking about scenes or people.

What I liked about the writing: I like how the chapters switched between the two girls to see how they were handling their current situations. I think this is good for the readers because we won’t get bored just reading about one person chapter after chapter.

Reviewed by Destiney, age 12

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