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What Does It Mean To Be A Woman Of Grace?


July 12, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

One of the best movies ever made has got to be Courageous, a film about a group of men who resolve to become better fathers. The opening scene where the man nearly dies trying to save his child gives me chills every time I see it!

After watching the movie, I discovered a book that coincides with the theme of resolving to live for what matters most. And they also made one for women! I was so impressed by the theme in the movie that I knew I had to give The Resolution for Women a shot.

ResolutionForWomen_FNL_CVR.inddThe section that affected me the most was the chapter on living with grace. What did that mean? I knew the definition of grace is ‘undeserved favor or kindness’, so how exactly does a person live it?

This book described it so well! I created a list for myself, and I’ve been trying to be better in these areas.

A woman of grace, “in order to protect and preserve relationships”:


  • realizes that because she is in charge of the “spiritual climate” of the home, she must foster a positive atmosphere where anyone who enters feels welcome
  • facilitates peace at all times by letting the little things go rather than complaining or pointing out errors
  • allows others to be authentic and doesn’t keep track of their mistakes
  • quickly and easily passes out compliments and blessings to those around her, whether they deserve it or not
  • doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone or seek validation from others
  • doesn’t have to always be right or have the last word
  • prefers peace, restoration, and reconciliation to discord and argument, and thus will choose to simply say “OK”
  • applies realistic expectations and doesn’t seek to have her own needs met, but rather to meet the needs of others
  • nurtures and encourages her family, allowing them freedom to flourish in the personalities God has given them

I know several women who exude these qualities, and I want so much to be like them! With the help of my Creator, who has so often bestowed grace on me, I know I’ll get there. By God’s design, all women are beautiful, but these characteristics make them even more so.

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