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Review by Miki: Chopsticks


July 29, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title & Author: Chopsticks by Sandra Byrd

Short summary: This story is a christian novel. Paige is always ignored because of her siblings. Jaine, the oldest, is super smart. Justin, her brother, is a strong athlete. Kate is Paige’s only musical friend and they enter the same contest by accident. They both have a good cause for the $400 prize. Kate wants to give presents to the poor. Paige wants to help homeless pets get a home.

What I liked about the story: I like that it trades views from Paige to Kate. When they switch chapters, they use the last words stated with the other girl. I like how things end up in the end of the book.

What I liked about the writing: I like how the text was in easy-to-read font and how the story was easy to understand. Sandra is a good writer for 9-12 year olds.

Review by Miki, age 10

Summary from Goodreads: Two girls each have friends, family, and crushes pushing for them to win. But they can’t both win – someone must lose and disappoint those who love them.

Paige Winsome has always been in the shadow of her athletic brother and academic sister and, as a result, is too often overlooked by her family.

Kate Kennedy, a pastor’s daughter and only child, received plenty of praise and attention for her voice, but her family struggles to make ends meet and must constantly accept others’ charity – and put downs.

No sooner do Paige and Kate meet and become fast friends than they discover they’re both entering the same singer-songwriter competition and competing for the same $400 prize. Each girl sees this contest as an answer to her problem – for Paige to finally get the recognition she’s been waiting, and for Kate, to help others financially without having to ask for handouts. Can this new friendship survive the stress of competition? After all, only one can win …


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