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What does MEGA-DARK mean?


August 3, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

What is the MEGA DARK Blog Tour all about?

Fellow author Mark Carver started this group on Goodreads because he was “tired of trite Gothic-lite stories with emotional demons, lovelorn vampires, and simplistic teenage heroes whose destinies are already laid out to the end.” He wants to read stories that are “sinister, philosophical, violent, and with characters that weren’t easy to love or root for.”

Not all the authors in the MEGA-DARK group are Christian, but the ones who are have one goal in mind. They are all tired of the same “insipid” and “saccharine mediocrity” in modern Christian novels, as author Patrick Todoroff explained in his post this week.

While I’m not necessarily in to dark content, I do think there is a place for this. Many readers would never pick up a novel labeled “Christian”. I like how Mark explains it in his recent post: “It can sometimes be difficult to appreciate the light unless it is contrasted with the darkness, and that is my mission.”

He states his books are “extremely dark, violent, and even disturbing, as I present a world that bows before Satan himself. My primary purpose in writing these books is to entertain, but I also wanted to reveal just how depraved and abysmal the human heart can be when it snuffs out the light of God.”

Which is why I believe Ted Dekker is a national best-selling author. While his books are too gruesome for my personal tastes, he’s attracting readers like crazy. Why? Because many people are interested in this this type of edgy content.

Perhaps dark and sinister stories aren’t your thing. But if they are, or you know someone who finds it interesting, follow the MEGA-DARK Blog Tour during the month of August!


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