4 Time Management Tips I’ve Learned

Sometimes people ask me where I find the time to write. The answer isn’t that complicated. I make time.

This has been one of those months where I’m struggling to keep up with my commitments. Between my day job, my family, prepping for a new school year, planning blogs, managing social media, attending writers meetings, visiting sick friends and family I haven’t seen in years, and more (insert a huge breath here) I’m barely finding time to work on my writing projects.

Here are some tips I use to manage my time as a wife, mother, and author:

1) Set a daily/weekly routine. Scheduling makes life work much easier for me. I look over my calender and plan ahead where I’ll fit writing/social media in between my family and work commitments. Family and friends can support you if they know your routine.

2) Plan time to write. Set aside a block of time daily, weekly, and monthly – whatever best suits your lifestyle. I know authors who spend one hour every day at the computer. I need at least 2 hours at a time to keep my brain engaged. I prefer to take a few days a week with about 3-4 hour chunks of time. Figure out what works for you. It’s easy to let distractions pull you away, so protect that plan – don’t allow anything else to interfere.

3) Cut back on other items. Part of striving for a goal is making sacrifices. My evening habits have changed over the years as I learned to survive on less and less sleep. My family used to have friends and family over once a week. Now it’s more like every other month. I don’t go out as often to other functions, I don’t cook very many nice meals and I don’t clean my house as often as I would prefer. My family does help pick up duties here and there, but something has to go.

4) Accept that it’ll be hard. At times I do get whiny. Sorry, but I’m human! I knew going in that I would be a little tired – okay, a lot tired – and that it would be hard to juggle my day job, family, and writing all while surviving on a couple hours of sleep. The important part is that we forge ahead to meet the goal.

I’ve been a bit exhausted lately. I haven’t slept much and I’m behind on my housework. But thankfully life isn’t always this busy. These tips have helped me keep my sanity!

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  1. Great post, Jen. I’m learning these as well. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to it, and you have to be flexible because life happens, but still stick to your stuff. 🙂

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  2. Hi Jen –

    This post is timely for me. When I started working full time two months ago, it threw my schedule into a tailspin.

    Like you, I’m making due with less sleep. TV is a distant memory, and my garden languishes from lack of attention.

    The good part: I just submitted my second book!

    Susan 🙂

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