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It’s Not Enough To Have A Dream


September 5, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Last spring I read a book called Platform by Michael Hyatt that I found very inspiring. The first part focused on how to get from the dream to reality. The book made me rethink my dreams and better define them. Here are the three things I took away from the first section:

1)      Dream BIG. You must never limit yourself because you can do anything you set your mind to. Originally I thought I only wanted to be a published author. But he pushed me to think bigger. Why not go for a NY Times bestseller? So I pondered that for a moment. Why had I never thought that big before? Eventually I decided it was certainly worth a try! My goal progressed from “I want to write some novels” to “I want to publish several novels and quite my day job.” It sounds so daring even as I retype it here that I wonder if that’s too big of a goal. But no, no limits – I’m thinking BIG!

2)      Decide why the dream is important. What do you hope to accomplish? What is at stake? For me, I decided I want to inspire others to love reading. I have many story ideas in my head and not everyone has this creative gift. I want to make people smile and give them something they can enjoy.

3)      Develop a strategy. To quote a saying I learned in high school, “It’s not enough to have a dream unless you’re willing to pursue it.” In order to reach the ultimate dream, what must I accomplish first? Second? Third? The dream must be broken into smaller goals and tasks over a period of time. platform-book1

After reading these suggestions, I promptly grabbed a notebook and started writing down my plan. I knew the impact of positive thoughts and words, but I’d never actually written down my dreams or goals anywhere except my journal. I was amazed at how inspired I felt, how determined, and sure of myself!

“Chasing the Dream” is the topic I intend to share at the upcoming Young Writers Conference, but I also thought it would make a great blog category. I’m planning to give tips on following dreams a couple times a month. I hope you’ll respond and tell me what has worked for you!


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