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Character Profile: Trace and Lynette (Athena Creek)

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September 16, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

"All the stops" chocolate cake from Betty Crocker

Some authors post blogs detailing more information about characters in their stories. I thought I’d give it a shot and see how you all enjoy it. Today I’ve chosen Trace and Lynette from the first Lawmen of Clayton County story, Athena Creek.

Trace Ingram:

Physical features – Tall and thin, shoulder-length blonde hair, mustache, stern expression, always wears black. Picture a young Sam Elliot (see ‘who does that character look like?’) and that deep voice that gives you the chills when he speaks.

Personality – Grounded and logical, deep sense of justice

Backstory – As a boy, came across the Oregon Trail by covered wagon with his family. Parents have now passed away, one sister (Caroline) with a husband and children. Had a couple deputy jobs here and there. Desires a place to belong and someone to believe in him.

Creative process – I envisioned Trace as the stereotypical cowboy you’d see in a John Wayne movie, Marty Robins song, or Louis L’Amour story. As Gram would say “Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm!”

Lynette Ellis:

Physical features – Light brown hair usually in a long braid down her back, broad shoulders

Personality – Tough and feisty, often acts before thinking, independent  and stubborn

Backstory – Three siblings – all thieves and scoundrels, drunk father and enabling mother. Desires a chance to make a better life than her family members.

Creative process – Lynette, the beginning of the entire series, was envisioned one day as I listened to a Carrie Underwood song. I’ll give you one guess – that’s right, it was Before He Cheats. As I listened to the words, I wondered what a woman from the old west would do if she found her man cheating. Thus, the story was born, and two more followed, creating the Lawmen of Clayton County. I had a lot of fun writing scenes where she is impulsive! Tell me – did you enjoy the chocolate cake?

What is one of your favorite attributes of Trace or Lynette?

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