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Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One


September 30, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Publication is not the finish line; I knew that when I first signed the contract with my publisher. And I thought I had a handle on how much work I would have to put into promoting my book. Turns out, my expectations weren’t quite correct.

I knew from the start the readers would come – I have no trouble believing that promise. However, God didn’t give me a time frame of how quickly the numbers would rise. And while I was fairly certain I wouldn’t hit the New York Times bestseller list by the end of the year, I assumed by now I’d have more Twitter and FB followers than I do.

So I was thinking to myself last month, where did I go wrong? Am I not trying hard enough? I can only do so much, since I’m working a day job while taking care of a family. I’ve found myself a few times wondering why I’m working so hard to put up regular blogs on my website when hardly anyone is reading them. Why isn’t everyone who knows me running out to buy my books? Why is no one commenting or sharing my posts? All the worry and doubt makes me feel blue.

But God gave me some kisses last week (a friend of mine told me that blessings are really God leaning down to kiss your head/cheek to remind you He still cares). One friend informed me she was greatly encouraged by a blog post. And my husband discovered that we can indeed take the family trip we had planned for next spring, so I’ve had visions of palm trees and sandy beaches popping through my brain!

My point is, when you’re feeling blue, you must remind yourself of what really matters. I’m on the path God’s chosen for me. I have a great family, fantastic day job, and hey, I’m a published author! The truth sets me free from gloom every time I choose to dwell on it. That’s why it’s so important to count blessings.

A couple years ago I challenged myself to 100 days of writing out what I was thankful for. I was amazed that I really could come up with 100 different things!  Here are some of the items on my list:

The smell of coffee brewing, hugs from my kids, my husband’s loyalty, puppy kisses, beautiful music, chocolate, and girls’ night out.

Now, tell me some of yours . . .

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  1. Renee coad says:

    Thankful for husband of 46 years, for hom surviving heart issues and cancer. Our morning ritual, cuddle, coffee and conversation.

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