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Making Time For The Dream


October 3, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

We all know that good intentions don’t always lead to practical application.

As a writer, it’s been tough for me to make time for writing when I have to take care of my house and family, and that’s after I’ve gotten home from my day job! Let’s face it – life happens. It’s our choice how we prioritize our time.

Here are some things I keep in mind:

A) Set aside regular time for your goal. It doesn’t just happen – you have to plan for it. Develop a schedule/routine that works for you and your family. Figure out how much time you can set aside for writing each day, week, or month, and then stick to it. The protect it – don’t let anything get in the way. And if you don’t feel like using that time for writing, maybe you’re too tired or your brain is mush, choose to push through it and write anyway. If you only work when you feel like it, you’ll never reach the end goal.

B) Sometimes changing the timeline might be necessary. If you have a chance to do something else that is important to you, then just rearrange your plan. But don’t stop working toward the dream. For example, when I was volunteering on the conference committee, the whole month before the writers conference I focused solely on that – not writing. Then when the conference was wrapped up, I went back to my regular routine of writing a few times a week.

C) Balance it all out. Make time for family, friends and fun. Your brain (and your body) will need a break. I’ve found that as much as I love to write, it can be exhausting. I try to make sure I get enough rest and exercise (notice I said ‘try’). I’ve found that I’m more productive when I space out my writing times between other activities.

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