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EXCERPT: The Whispers of Angels


October 9, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Here’s a peek at the first 2 pages of my new story! The Whispers of Angels is Volume 5 in the Blue Heaven Romance Series from multiple authors at Helping Hands Press. To order from Amazon, click here.

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Oregon State, 1885

She twirled, her golden hair trailing behind her like a shooting star across the sky. Her smile, soft and graceful, stretched between rosy cheeks, lighting her pale face with such beauty that he felt his jaw fall open.

Raymond had never seen an angel before. But from the perch on the high limb where he’d stretched out, hiding in the green pine needles, he knew that’s what she was. He inched closer, bark scraping against his shirt. At this height, triple his own, he could clearly see the young girl dancing in front of the house. Beside her another girl grinned and clapped her hands.

Abraham’s house looked just the same, but instead of two boys with caramel-colored skin playing in the yard, he saw two girls with blonde hair. That yard was where Raymond and Abraham had spent countless hours sailing ships, defeating pirates, saving damsels. Abraham had been his only friend when he and his ma moved to town just over a year ago. Abraham understood Raymond, knew what it was like to be different. With a negro pa and a Chinook ma, his heritage wasn’t appreciated by the folks in town. But neither Abraham nor his parents cared what others thought of their heritage. And Raymond tried not to care, either.

But now Abraham was gone. Looking down on the two figures in the yard, Raymond felt a sense of awe. He didn’t know anything about the girls. Their long hair and ruffled dresses intrigued him.

He tensed when they came toward him, moving beneath the tree with their hands clasped. Their laughter rose, surrounding him like thick fog. He held his breath.

The taller one pulled the shorter one’s hand toward the path winding through the pines, elderberries, and ferns. “Look, Eliza!” She pointed into the trees. “Where do you think this trail goes?”

Raymond waited until they disappeared into the trees before scrambling off the limb and down the trunk. His ma wouldn’t be happy that he’d swiped pitch across his shirt, but he’d stayed too long. He couldn’t get caught staring.

He’d have to go around to the road rather than follow them. Spinning about, he tripped, landing on the ground with a humph. He gasped and whipped his gaze toward the forest. Had they heard him fall?

A small face appeared around the bend, the angel named Eliza. She gazed at him with curious eyes.

Raymond jumped to his feet, cheeks aflame. He’d been caught. Thinking only of escape, he darted through the brush, away from the girls, away from the home that used to belong to his only friend.

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