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Review by Nate: Athera’s Dawn


October 15, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title and Author: Athera’s Dawn (White Lion Chronicles) by Christopher Hopper

Short Summary: High King Luik was about to propose to his girl when his kingdom is attacked by demons. While he charges into battle, his fiance is kidnapped. Armed with his Vinfae and a promise, he leaves to save his home and find his girl.

What I liked about the story: I liked that the words of power could also be thought of as quoting scripture. The author also created a language for his characters.

What I liked about the writing: I liked that it switched points of view often but never told you what the bad guy is thinking.

Review by Nate, age 13

Goodreads summary: Those in deepest darkness fight most valiantly for the light. Hard pressed on every side, the Dibor struggle to overcome insurmountable odds in an effort not just to regain territory, but to survive. In addition to the growing ranks of the taken, Morgui has summoned the powers of nature to search out and destroy the saviors of Dionia. Tempests hunt those forced to flee by sea, while an otherworldly fire storm chews up the ancient forest of Grandath, destroying anything – or anyone – in its path. While most of the Dibor manage to survive, the whereabouts of the ill-fated Princess Anorra continues to be unknown. Her faithful friends are unaware of her suffering behind the gates of Haides. The remaining Dibor soon discover that there is more to Morgui’s madness than simple mayhem, as the dwarves reveal startling knowledge about the Two Trees, and worse still, about Morgui’s attempt to forever thwart the Most High’s plan for victory. As Creation itself endures death throes caused by mounting evil, one thing is clear: Dionia and her champions will never be as they once were. Nor will those in worlds beyond.


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