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Anything is Possible – With Dove Chocolate


October 28, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

I pulled in to the parking lot of Clark Middle School Saturday morning, music from Committed blaring on my radio reminding me “Be strong, be brave, be beautiful” because “Anything is possible”. And that’s what I told the students – there is no limit to the possibilities of what they can accomplish if they have courage and are willing to work hard.

Encouraging kids to love reading and writing has become a passion for me. I was shocked to realize how many students just aren’t interested in books. We read a lot in my home, but I see that my children are the exception compared to other families. Having the opportunity to work with students in the schools is very exciting. Reading is good stimulation for the brain, but writing is even better!

In my class at the Anchorage School District Generation U Writers Conference, we discussed five tips for reaching their dream of becoming a published author. They learned how to understand themselves as individuals, define their dreams and goals with specifics, write down a strategy for how to reach the dream, prioritize their time, and stay motivated.

We briefly talked about Joni Earickson Tada and Bethany Hamilton, who both had physical limitations and still managed to achieve their dreams (and write books). We also touched on the life of Phil Vischer and how he lived his dream for a decade only to lose his company during a lawsuit – a reminder not to let our dreams and goals consume us.

My friend Evan Swensen, owner of Publication Consultants, mentioned to me how impressed he was with the young people who attended. Evan, who has taught at many more conferences than I, stated the level of respect from the students was much higher than he’d seen elsewhere. I had to agree, even in my limited teaching experience. Most of the students seemed quite interested and stayed focused during each session.

I don’t know – maybe it’s because I was passing out Dove chocolates. 😉

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  1. Great post! Here’s one other aspect to your comment on how many students just aren’t interested in books. In writing my mid-grade book, I was shocked to find that the average ADULT American only reads at a fourth-grade level. There’s something woefully wrong in this country. I’m glad to see you’re working hard to change that!

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