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Review by Nate: Whispers From Forbidden Earth


November 5, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Title and Author: Whispers From Forbidden Earth by Mark Venturini

Short Summary: Strum, an elf from Eversong, has been hearing things. Who? What? He doesn’t know the person whispering to him but he can tell the boy is in trouble. Strum is quickly thrown head first (literally) into a world with magic lanterns and metal carriages, a place called ‘Shi-ca-go’ to save a life.

What I liked about the story: I liked that the hero had no special powers he knew of other than a healing salve for the human boy he has to save.

What I liked about the writing: I liked that I had no idea where the story would go. It kept me on my toes.

Goodreads summary:  When the young elf Strum first heard the whispers, some on Eversong called it a gift. After all, he is the first of the Iunctus Unus (United Ones) born in centuries. But the whispers are from a bizarre land called Chicago where twelve-year-old Jason Snider lies comatose in a hospital after a terrible accident, an accident that binds the two lives together. If Jason dies, Strum dies. Forcing open the long-locked portal throws Strum and a pintsize baby dragon into the terrifying world of Chicago. Worse, Her Royal Pain torches the hospital lobby and escapes before Strum can revive Jason. Strum must find the lost dragon and heal Jason before he can hope to return home. He teams up with a street-smart girl who has her own painful ties to Jason, and the battle is on. For not only is all Chicago chasing them, so are evil mages banished to Earth centuries before. Strum is their chance to return and conquer Eversong. He must stop them, even if it means forfeiting his chance to go home–or worse, his life.

Review by Nate, 13 years old

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