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Why all Women are Captivating


November 16, 2013 by Jen Cudmore

Have you ever felt unseen, unsought, or uncertain?

I’ve felt all three and it’s quite unpleasant. Unfortunately at a young age I told myself I wasn’t likable person so I had to strive to excel in all I did so others would appreciate me. I believed this lie for many years until I came across a fantastic book called Captivating.

John Eldridge, author of Wild at Heart co-wrote this book with his wife Stasi. Right away I was captivated. They explained the heart of a woman in a way I’d never heard before. They discussed why women often feel unseen, unsought, and uncertain, and that the world tells us to just try harder.

And yet women are made in God’s image. He put a longing in our hearts to be romanced, to play an important role, to unveil beauty. God’s plan was for women to partner with men to create a complete picture of unity so they each can flourish in life.  What we have to offer the world is uniquely feminine. Life was meant to be lived with others, and God’s purpose for women is to protect relationships.

God made women to convey beauty; it is our essence, given to us from birth. I was especially impressed with the section where the authors explain exactly why beauty matters. Beauty speaks, invites, nourishes, comforts, inspires and draws us to our Creator. We’ve all been wounded, and we need to go to God for healing, for only He can restore us and bring out our full potential.

This is a message the world and the church really need to hear. So many women doubt their worth, doubt God has a purpose for them. Understanding His plan and asking Him to heal our hearts makes us better wives and moms. This book will unveil the mystery of your soul and show you just how captivating you really are.

captivating“The story of every woman’s life is the story of the long and passionate pursuit of her heart by God. He comes as the Hero of your story, to rescue your heart so you can live as a woman fully alive and fully captivating.”



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