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What Are Your Goals for 2014?


January 13, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Iblog-hop-for-writers‘ve joined another blog hop! To learn more about the tour and get to know some other fabulous authors, click on the link to see the other blogs. Today’s theme is: Personal Writing Goals for 2014.


Over the weekend I finally sat down and wrote out my goals for 2014.  I recently learned the value of not only articulating my dreams and goals, but writing them down. Michael Hyatt does a great job explaining it in his post 5 Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing. In general, this year I plan to write & sell more books, as well as visit more websites as a guest and learn to be better at social media.

2013 was a big year for me. No, big isn’t the right word – HUGE! I published 4 stories through Helping Hands Press and had to learn all the different aspects that go along with that, because writing the book isn’t the hard part! I learned how to build and maintain a website and how to use Goodreads, Twitter and Pinterest. I also discovered tips on social media etiquette as well as tips on marketing my books. I’ve been overwhelmed with all I’ve had to learn, and I know there’s much more.

flower heartBut God also called me to make some big changes in my heart. It’s quite humbling to realize you’ve failed in so many areas, and you didn’t even notice! I’m so glad He challenged me to look at myself differently and be totally honest with myself about bad habits. I’m not a resolution kind of person, but I do set goals. I discovered the most important aspect of starting a new year is that we ought to constantly ask our Maker what He wants from us.

When I earnestly sought His plan for my future, He brought specific items to my mind. He told me some books He wanted me to read and some behaviors He wanted me to change. He showed me some faulty thought processes and how I tended to lean on momentary pleasures for comfort rather than Him. He also showed me how to make Him more of a priority than ever before, because I cannot succeed in life if I don’t put Him first. To be honest, 2013 was a big year not only because of the blessings but because of the pain and growth.

So the prayer that’s been on my heart for the past couple weeks is: What does God want from me for 2014?

We must establish goals in order to succeed, but rather than focusing on our agenda, lets seek out His. What does God want from you in 2014?

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  1. Jen, thanks for sharing what God’s been teaching you. I’m hosting a blog hop and our topic this week is setting goals for 2014. Here’s the link if you’d like to join us:

  2. Janis Cox says:

    Hi Jen,
    This is a great start on how God wants you to view 2014. That is the most important thing. Writing will flow from your obedience to Him.
    If you are interested in writing short posts on prayer visit and decide if you want to guest post or become a contributor. What is your Twitter name? I can’t find it here.

  3. Nice to see you on the blog hop Jen! Love your post!

  4. Tracy Krauss says:

    An excellent point at the end of the post – one that Nancy Rue expressed eloquently at the 2012 Inscribe conference. (Let God set your agenda/goals)

  5. Thank you, Jen, for this post. It is overwhelming learning all this, isn’t it? But worthwhile, I think. I too struggle with trying to listen to God and ploughing ahead in my own way. God bless you in your bid to be His daughter. And me.

  6. You have a sensitive spirit, Jen, and I appreciate what you’ve shared. God bless you as you continue to listen for his voice.

  7. Sara Davison says:

    Thank you for your openness and honesty Jen. This was a pleasure to read. May God bless you as you seek his leading for your life and work in 2014.

  8. Ada says:

    See it, write it down, speak it and it will come to pass. Thanks for sharing Jen you are an inspiration because I know you are working hard on being who God wants you to be and that what I desire also.

  9. Bonnie Way says:

    That’s a great question to ask (and one that I’m ashamed to say I didn’t ask when I was writing out my goals for the year). It’s great to hear that 2013 was a good year for you… I hope 2014 is even better! 🙂

  10. Violet N. says:

    Jen, it’s lovely to meet you through this blog hop. I love the listening tone of your goals, and how you got specific ideas when you let Him talk. May you have a wonderful year!

  11. I really enjoyed the link to Hyatt’s article. It’s encouraging to see so many people putting God first in their goals. Our spirit life informs our writing and surrounds us even when we aren’t aware. Congratulations on your HUGE 2013 and may 2014 bring you many more blessings!

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