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Motivation for Following the Dream: Part 2, Stay Inspired


January 23, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Achieving a goal take perseverance. The road to success isn’t quick or easy. You’ll have days when you feel like giving up. But remember that attitude is everything. You can’t rely on your feelings to guide you.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some tips for sticking to your strategy. Staying motivated can be tricky. You must be intentional. I’ll give you 4 tips to keep motivated. Stick with it – don’t quit!

In Part 1, we discussed Staying Organized.

Stay Inspired: Successful people are passionate about life.

IMG_5562+ Go outdoors; get some fresh air and exercise to clear your head. On the weekends in the summer I like to go for walks with my best friend down on the coastal trail. The ocean air is quite rejuvenating.

+ Find what music, movies, or books motivate you and then focus on them often. Some forms of entertainment are meant to raise your spirits while others can cause you to be depressed. If you’re getting discouraged, force yourself to listen to uplifting music of some kind, songs about achieving your dream or something fun. Watch a movie or read a book about someone who overcame the odds. If you focus on entertainment that brings you down, you’ll find it harder to reach your dream.

+ Surround yourself with encouraging people; develop a support system. When you have others saying you can do it, it boosts your determination to succeed.

IMG_1012 copy+ Look at beautiful things (flower gardens, the ocean or waterfalls, statues or sculptures, paintings, etc.) Family vacations are very refreshing for me because of the beautiful scenery of the Oregon or Hawaiian coasts.

+ Pin up quotes or artwork in your living space. Find what inspires you and put it somewhere you will see it often. In high school I taped quotes and Bible verses in my locker. When I started writing, I did the same to my desk.

My favorite quote came from my editor, and I had it posted for 2 years on my wall: “Sigh. Such a delightful ending. I’ll be thinking about it all day, that’s for sure. And YOU, my friend, are a writer. A writer is not someone who can write, a writer is someone who can rewrite. And you’ve done it! The book is much, much stronger, much tighter, flows so smoothly. I am impressed and proud. For sure!”


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