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Motivation for Following the Dream: Part 3, Stay Focused


February 6, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Last month I shared a couple tips for sticking to your strategy. Achieving a goal take perseverance. The road to success isn’t quick or easy. You’ll have days when you feel like giving up. But remember that attitude is everything. You can’t rely on your feelings to guide you.

Staying motivated can be tricky. You must be intentional.

I suggest four tips to keep you motivated. Stick with it – don’t quit!

In Part 1, we discussed Staying Organized.

In Part 2, we discussed Staying Inspired.


Stay Focused: Successful people keep a log of their goals and accomplishments.

+ Keep track of how far you’ve come. When you’re feeling discouraged, reminding yourself of where you used to be can help revive your determination. Thank goodness you’re not back there anymore! You don’t have as much to overcome now. Look what you’ve accomplished so far!

+ Jot notes in a personal journal. I have kept a journal for years. What I didn’t realize until recently was how effectively I recorded my personal journey. Every now and then I skim through it, remembering the struggles I went through and how I overcame them. The pride that comes from overcoming the past can fuel your efforts for the future.

focus blog 2+ Carry a list where ever you go so you can easily reference it. This is only something I recently started. The point is to keep it handy so you can remind yourself of where you’re at on the journey. What’s the next step?

+ Remind yourself of the reason you started this journey.  In the midst of the toils of life, we can forget what motivated us in the first place. Go back to the beginning when you wrote down why the dream is important to you. Why are you doing this? What did you hope to accomplish?

Remember:Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What other tools can help keep a person focused and motivated on the end goal?


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  1. Anita says:

    Hello Jen, just to let you know- I have just reread the first two -hints and tips on Motivations for following the dream. I totally back tracked and have started bringing order to my ‘office’. Wee pile sof ‘things to do, keep or part with’ have been shoved aside too long. Now is the time…thank you!! Thank you, for waking me up and encouraging me. Although I am pretty well organised- I can ALWAYS be better!

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