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February 8, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Willow Ridge Volume 1, the next installment of the Lawmen of Clayton County, is now available on Amazon!

“While hiding from the law in Willow Ridge, a small trapping town suddenly made famous by the discovery of gold, Barrett Walcott develops a reputation of being someone the townsfolk can all count in times of need. But Willow Ridge isn’t the simple community it used to be, and Amelia O’Conner, a long time resident, is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the influx of miners. The only unmarried white female in the area, she’s displeased with the current prospects for husbands, until two male visitors catch her interest.
Raised in a nearby Indian village, Morning Rain feels trapped by an arranged marriage. After the death of her father, she decides to learn more about the culture of the white man, her father’s people. Over time, she grows more confused over whether to return to her Indian family or stay in town with her uncle and Amelia, as well as Barrett – if he chooses to stay. Barrett lives in fear that his new friends will discover his past, and the stolen money he’s hiding in his saddlebags. When Barrett’s past finally catches up with him, putting the townsfolk in danger, can Barrett protect them, earn their forgiveness, and finally be free from the mistakes of his past?”

For an excerpt of the prologue, click here.

To purchase the ebook Willow Ridge Volume 1, click here. (Paperbacks will be released in a couple months.)


Also, Volume1 of the San Francisco Wedding Planner is now available on Amazon!

This team project with 6 HHP authors is a series of short stories portraying the daily life of Heather and her small company, Donovan’s Wedding Services.

WeddingPlanner PinkHeather Donovan has no time for her own romance—she’s busy making wedding dreams come true for other people and trying to reel her lonely and lovesick widowed mom Gloria back from beyond the brink of good taste. Her receptionist, Raul, is as interested in his hair style as he is in the clients. Indigo, the wedding photographer, never goes anywhere without his beret—or his attitude. Toss in Skye, the mommy-track best friend who wants to breathe organic air, Mario, the talented, hotheaded caterer with an eye for the ladies, and a tall, dark, and handsome stranger visiting the office on the eve of the busiest weekend ever, and you have a recipe for disaster. Or love. Or maybe both? Along the way discover how duck-hunter ice sculptures end up as rehearsal dinner décor at an upscale hotel, why the young doctor has a broken heart, and whose will prevails when the photographer challenges a young couple’s vision of the perfect wedding. Does love conquer all?

To purchase Volume 1, in which all the authors contributed a couple pages, click here.

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