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I’m Writing Novels About Vikings!


February 25, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Usually when I tell people I’m writing novels about Vikings, they give me an odd look. After all, the general feeling about Vikings is that they were violent, greedy pagans. However, archaeological evidence shows a different perspective.

I’ve come to realize the Viking people were not who we thought they were.

As I say in the preface of my first manuscript, “The traditional understanding of Vikings with horned helmets and iron hammers is slowly changing with each new archaeological discovery…Vikings have been described, and are generally thought of, as men of the north, inhabitants of Scandinavia, and marauding pagan barbarians. Old texts and poems of various origin refer to them more specifically, and more positively, as sea-warriors or men who traveled on grand and lengthy expeditions.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of modern Viking novels consisting of mostly violence and erotica. I want to read a wholesome story set in an interesting historical time period, and figured others did too. So I wrote one!

Book 1 in the Tavland Sagas has been completed for quite a while now but I’ve been unable to find a Christian publisher willing to give it a try. As I stated in another post, most publishers don’t feel such a topic will appeal to the average reader. Part of the problem is that most Christians have a skewed view of the Viking Age. I believe as people become more educated, they will be fascinated rather than skeptical!

thoremovieI thoroughly enjoyed the Thor movies, but they have added to the misunderstandings about this time period and it’s people. I’m not an expert, but I’ve done enough research to establish a background for my series (which is now expanding past the 4 books I originally meant to write!) While I try to decide how to proceed with publishing, I will start sharing some of the facts I’ve learned, and some tidbits from my novels. More to come – I promise!

My new friend Heather Day Gilbert wrote a novel based on the the first documented European woman to birth a child in America. I’ve talked about God’s Daughter before and I highly recommend this story! You’ll come away with a new perspective on the life of the Vikings.

SAVE THE DATE! Heather and I have an interview on the G-Zone (Blog Talk Radio) next Thursday, March 6th! We’ll be talking strictly about Vikings, the myths people believe, and our novels. I will post the link on my social media.

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  1. I’ll watch for your interview, Jen. God’s Daughter is an excellent novel, and I’m glad you’re writing about Vikings too.

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