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4 Exciting New Series from HHP!


March 3, 2014 by Jen Cudmore


Helping Hands Press has several new muliti-author series I want to tell you about! Just like the Wedding Planner series I’m currently part of, they’re all short stories which will be released about 2 weeks apart. Most of them have a couple volumes out already, so be sure to start with the first one in each series! I’ve provided links for all the first volumes.


colonyzeroColony Zero:

In 2810, they’re called Zeroes.

Some Zeroes are born, somehow slipping through the genetic screening and purification tests in utero mandated by an overpopulated Earth. Others become Zeroes later, the worst murderers and thieves and abusers, despite the same genetic screening. Whether born or made, they are Earth’s outcasts, the dregs, sent to a perpetually dark rock orbiting a Y-class brown dwarf star by a society without the patience or desire to deal with them.

Click here for more info on Amazon.


outlawunchainedThe Outlaw Unchained:

SAMUEL J. WINCHESTER is an escaped convict, wanted by the law for murder, but once he was an officer and a gentleman. Winchester was an 1831 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point NY, and worked for ten years building roads, bridges and fortifications.
Then in 1841 without warning he was placed under arrest and quickly convicted of the murder of a family on the raw frontier of the Republic of Texas. He was sent to a succession of prisons, the last being Castillo de San Marcos at St. Augustine, FL where conditions were brutal and escape was thought to be impossible.
But Sam did manage to escape after ten years of confinement.

Click here for more info on Amazon.


DeclarationFlatMasterThe Declaration of Independence:

The “Declaration of Independence” series brings to life the crafting and signing of the World famous document as told through the eyes of Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Francis Lewis. “We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Click here for more into on Amazon.


wellsfargoexpressWells Fargo Express:

Remington Holt is a special agent who works for Wells Fargo trying to take down a group of men who plan to overthrow the US government.

See what he and his pal Amos are up to when they visit Texas in volume 3! (I wrote Volume 2 several months ago. They made a nice, new cover for the series!)

Click here for more info on Amazon.


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