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Encouraging Links 04-03-14


April 3, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Here are some encouraging thoughts I encountered over the past couple weeks. Just wanted to share!

The Fervent Prayer of a Selfish Wife Avails Nothing: “Prayers should never be focused on all that God needs to do to make them better husbands for US.”

No more Guilt-Induced Doubt: “It’s hard to believe God could use us when we’re such a mess…”

Spring cleaning: “Sunlight regenerates nature’s beauty, and becomes a gentle reminder to regenerate my faith life.”

What is the Proper Role of a 21st Century Wife?:  “What’s beautiful about being a women in the 21st century is the power of choice.”

Is God Enough?: “We love God and we live to serve Him, but then there are so many other things in our lives that tend to crowd Him out. ”

11 Ways to Encourage Yourself: “Sometimes a person has to be the one to dig deep and find their own encouragement.”


And if you’re interested, here are some posts I wrote that I hope you’ll find encouraging:

God, change my ‘want-to‘: “Was I going to fight for my man and my marriage, or wallow in self-pity… Praying for our husbands when we don’t want to puts our faith in God…”

Live, Love, LAUGH!: “Laughter promotes satisfaction with our lives...I learned the value of laughter from my mother.”

You want me to pray for whom, Lord?: “I had actually said a few prayers for my friend, but I never focused on fighting for her.”

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