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From Being Positive to Celebration


April 21, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

We all know a positive attitude is powerful. Some of us are better at it than others, and those who really focus become quite successful.

Abraham Lincoln – lost several elections before becoming President of the US.

Michael Jordan – cut from his HS basketball team, became one of the greatest athletes

Beethoven – deaf as a child and yet still composed some of the most beautiful music

Helen Keller – blind, deaf & mute, yet taught herself how to talk and became a motivational speaker

The Wright Brothers – told multiple times that man would never fly (no one believed in them) but they still succeeded in building a plane

Henry Ford – practically illiterate, went bankrupt twice and yet built a huge car manufacturing company

Bethany Hamilton – became a professional surfer despite losing one arm to a shark at age 13

These people, and many others, were successful because they didn’t quit when they had setbacks. They didn’t give up during times of doubt, but stayed focused and determined.

But what about taking it one more step beyond being positive?

In a video I watched the other day, the speaker encouraged those of us in the class to do more than stay positive on the good in life. He said to celebrate every accomplishment. Literally. After the birth of a child, the family celebrates every aspect of life: first haircut, first teeth, first steps, first words. What if we apply that concept to the rest of life?

Watching that video made me think of my new health plan, where I’ve incorporated more exercise and less junk food. I’ve only lost a few pounds over the past four months, but I found I was most successful when I got excited.

To express my pride at the results, I would occasionally walk through the office at work with my hands raised. “I just lost another pound! I’m awesome.” Of course, they mostly just rolled their eyes at me, but they always encouraged me, and that helped me stay motivated.

Since I really don’t prefer to drink water, my bestie sent me a couple text messages “You love water!” Then my daughter caught on and did the same. Guess what? It helped me stay focused on drinking more water.

I certainly see the benefit of getting excited and celebrating the little things, no matter how small. To enjoy life, we have to intentionally delight in the small accomplishments.

What have you accomplished lately? Get excited and go celebrate!


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  1. Hi Jen –

    Great post!

    After a success, there’s always a natural let down. When we rehearse not only our own accomplishment, but also praise God for His blessings, it reminds us of His loving care and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

    Susan 🙂

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