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Character Profile: Barrett Walcott


April 29, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Meet Barrett, the handsome hero of my latest novel, Willow Ridge.

And when I say handsome, I mean, the kind of good-looks that make even a good Christian girl want to drool. (I could insert the names of a few British actors here but I decided it was bad form – and maybe a little immature…)

Summary: Barrett Walcott is on the run from the law – and an outlaw who wants him dead.

He left his mother behind in California to escape the reputation of the thieving Walcott Brothers, yet trouble catches up with him in the Oregon Territory. Wounded and hiding, he befriends an Indian woman near Willow Ridge who offers him assistance. Yet he cannot let her know who he really is.

A twist of fate keeps him in Willow Ridge longer than he planned, and while he enjoys the people, the stolen money hidden in the livery’s loft keeps him from getting comfortable. He knows he’s endangering the town if lingers, and yet the people are begging him to stay.

Is redemption just a fantasy, or is it possible Barrett can be absolved of his sins and begin a new life?

bradpaisleyPhysical Features: Barrett has dark hair and blue eyes. He’s well-built, smart, and compassionate, which makes him attract all sorts of girls without even trying.

So I had to ponder his look-a-like for a few days and finally settled on Brad Paisley. Although Brad is a little smaller than Barrett, he has boyish features and a sweet smile.


So picture Brad a little taller with blue eyes. That’ll get you pretty close!

Personality: Unfortunately Barrett is a bit of a follower, which is how he got into trouble with his brothers. As the middle child, he didn’t like confrontation and typically tried to keep peace in the home. He feels a strong sense of responsibility to his family despite the turmoil.

Backstory: Barrett’s mother was a Mexican woman who married a not-so-great white man. They raised their three sons in southern California. Barrett’s older brother Tristan was killed for cheating at a game of cards. Barrett’s younger brother Desmond, who does have a small appearance in the story, is killed in a gunfight. All three boys were skilled pistols, which made them a formidable ‘gang’.

brad-paisleyThe second half of the story should be available here in a few days!

Until then, got a question for me about Barrett?

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