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Encouraging Links 05-01-14


May 1, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Good morning, girls! (And a few guys!)

Here is today’s featured site: The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide

I recently met Jaimi and like what she presents on her site. I’m not a stay at home mom, butsurvivalguide I know many who are!

She’s got activity ideas for children of all ages and some parenting tips. She says “Staying home requires you to be your own boss, and that can be very empowering as well as overwhelming! What we do each day does matter in the lives of our families.



Some posts I found encouraging over the past couple weeks: 

6 Things a Godly Woman Knows about Modesty: “If I love God, I will behave in accordance with His Word…Outward beauty is fleeting. Inward beauty never fades.”

Psalm Snob: “I read one after another and each spoke volumes to my shattered heart. When my prayers had dried and my pain was too deep to find the words to speak I read the Psalms aloud to God, my Savior.”

4 Ways Loving Your Spouse Benefits Your Children: “I’m just starting to understand how loving my spouse—in front of my kids—benefits my kids too.”

How to Love Your Kids Like Jesus: “We wonder how we can possibly move beyond ourselves – our selfishness and our busyness – and dig deep into our heart to access a love that is pure and effective for our children”


Here are a few posts I contributed you might find inspiring:

What is your response when others make mistakes? “I was tempted to think less of her after that situation…While nothing excuses bad behavior, good people don’t just explode without some kind of negative build-up.”

5 Ways to Help Your Child Heal From a Broken Heart: “I knew in a couple months she’d forget about the audition. But in that moment, for her, all that mattered was her hurt.”

Affirm Him and He Will Flourish: “Affirming our husbands takes effort. It doesn’t come naturally to most of us, which means we need to pay attention and be intentional with our words. I miss way too many opportunities to tell my husband he’s wonderful.”

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  1. Hi Jen – Thanks for the links. How about some for us singles? 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Good info. Thanks for sharing, Jen.

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