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Resource: Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe


May 8, 2014 by Jen Cudmore


Moms! You have to check out this new book!

I stumbled across this a few months back and finally finished reading it this week. It’s an excellent resource for moms, especially those who still have little ones. I wish this book had been around when I was first married!

I have never had so much fun reading a parenting book!

Jenny Lee Sulpizio gives all sorts of tips, everything from being prepared in the car to peeing in private to keeping the house clean to taking care of yourself to successful couponing to staying consistent in prayer.

SUMMARY: She may be tough, beautiful, and practically perfect in every way, but saving the world is easy when you’re Wonder Woman. Being a mom, on the other hand? Now, that takes some serious superpowers.

But moms aren’t looking to save the world. Nope. They’d settle for well-behaved kids, a clean home, an occasional nap or two, and maybe an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom every once in a while. They’d trade in the need for perfection–the desire for acceptance–and willingly cast aside those unrealistic expectations they’ve placed upon themselves in their roles as mothers.

This book provides the modern-day mommy with sanity-saving tips, advice, and hilarious real-life accounts that every supermom can most certainly relate to, benefit from, and appreciate. After all, the reader may not have been born with superhuman strength, but with God on her side, Jesus in her heart, and the Holy Spirit in her corner, she’s more than equipped to handle the daily battles that rage before her.

So hold on tight, girls, as we prepare to tackle this role of motherhood together: the good, the bad, (the slightly ugly), and everything in between…


If you recall, I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I joined a new blog tour. Jenny has invited tons of moms to join the tour where we’ll talk about many different aspects of motherhood. You’ll find tips for parenting, crafting, organization, fashion, and managing housework, as well as encouragement for those days when sanity is wavering on the brink!

Jenny Lee SulpizioVisit Jenny’s blog and see what we’ve got going on! It’s getting just started, and so far we’ve got posts about potty training and the tooth fairy.

Join the fun and remember – you can never be perfect, so stop trying.


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