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His Strength and My Weakness


May 12, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

I’ve been more busy than ever this past few months, learning how to juggle the new projects I’ve taken on along with family and my day job. But the extra stress has actually been good because it’s teaching me to the importance of tapping into the strength God offers in my weakness! I could never have made it without God’s help.
I’m going to cut back a little on my blogging for the next couple weeks. I need some R&R, and then I should be able to settle into a smoother, less stressful pace.
So here’s what’s happening next! In July my publisher HHP will be releasing several more short stories. They have multiple series you’re going to want to check out. Here’s the intro to four of them.
weddingplannerseriesThe first one I’m involved in is the San Francisco Wedding Planner. I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but let me tell you about the next story coming in July.
Each of the six authors has chosen one character to focus on. This next set of stories will be the BACKSTORY, giving a bit of history into why the character is the way they are. My choice was Bryan Tate, the orthopedic surgeon who left Seattle with a broken heart. In this latest story, I’ll tell you what happened to make Bryan decide to move back to San Francisco, and why he left his girlfriend Mandy behind.
Meet the team! 4 of the authors got together for a BlogTalk Radio interview last week. Take a listen to get a bit more info about the series!
wellsfargoexpressThe other short story I’m writing is a continuation of the Wells Fargo Express series, with special agent Remington Holt and his partner, Amos Drewery.
I wrote All Roads Lead West last year, and now I get to write the BACKSTORY for Nelly, the girl from my first story! I’m still working through the outline, and what I’ve decided this far is to explain what prompts her to go to Spokane Falls to track down a murderer. With vengeance as her guide, she has to stay away from the Wells Fargo detectives so they don’t spoil her plan to take justice into her own hands!

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