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Encouraging Links 06-05-14


June 5, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

Here are some posts I found inspiring this week!

Why people who sleep longer achieve more: Our society puts a high value on achievement but not much on rest. I hear people brag about how much they work and play but never how much they sleep—usually the opposite. But what if sleep could help you achieve more?”

Grace says ‘I’m Enough’: “But as I began to implement the plan of action, a wee bit of anxiety started to creep into my being. Was I trying to do too much? … Do you ever feel like you want too much?”

A prayer when you feel like giving up on your marriage: “Mistakes have a way of fertilizing the soul like nothing else can, when a person allows it… here’s a prayer for when you feel like giving up on marriage.”

My failed French diet, and how to create a lifestyle shift that lasts: “Life starts back up and  I return to the lifestyle I had before and my wellness returns to the level it was at previously… the only healthy lifestyle that works is the one you can maintain. If it’s only going to last a week, it’s not going to allow you to make the kinds of changes in your life you are seeking, whatever those may be.”

Summer Music Suggestions that will Lift Your Soul:  “I can’t help wanting to only listen to songs that my daughter can handle. She is a sponge, and after hearing a song once, she can sing its lyrics back to me. It’s terrifying and amazing. As a result, I’ve been scouring iTunes for good music that will get her heart thumping with life-giving words, and I thought I’d share some of them with you.”




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  1. Hi Jen –

    I checked out the link on grace. She makes some excellent points.

    The superwoman syndrome is not limited to moms but can apply to anyone. It’s not just a matter of learning to say, “no” to people wanting our involvement in activities, it’s also saying, “no” to the pressures we put on ourselves.

    Thanks again,
    Susan 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    Thanks so much for the link Jen! 🙂 So glad you found that post helpful! Love your site here – it’s gorgeous!!

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