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New Release: Willow Ridge Volume2 (small excerpt included here!)


June 19, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

It’s finally here! The conclusion to my story Willow Ridge from The Lawmen of Clayton County series. You can buy the eBook on Amazon today!

Barrett Walcott has stayed in Willow Ridge far longer than he planned. He didn’t expect to make so many friends and hates to leave them, but he fears for their safety if he stays. When Barrett thwarts a robbery, the town elects him as their representative to assist Marshal Trace Ingram in bringing justice, but Barrett is determined not to accept the shiny star they offer.

Every decision Barrett makes affects Morning Rain, Amelia, and all those he’s come to care about in Willow Ridge. When several threats arise, Barrett must decide who he really is – outlaw or lawman.

Here’s an excerpt from the prologue in the first volume.

Here’s a profile of Barrett, the main character.


Excerpt from Volume 2:

Luck could run out pretty quick.

Barrett filled another bucket with water. Glancing over the pump, Barrett nodded to the man who had just come forward to water his mount. His long dark hair was pulled back behind his ears and an eagle feather stuck out the back of his hat just behind his left ear.

The man was no stranger. Barrett recognized the tanned face, but for the moment couldn’t place him. Turning away, he poured the water into the trough, taking his time as he searched his memory. Definitely not a lawman – that he knew for sure. The water swirled in the trough. Perhaps he was a friend of Desmond.

The bucket emptied too soon and Barrett straightened. Chancing another peek at the man across the pump, he noticed the Indian brought his fingers up to rub the dangling feather. His gazed passed behind Barrett before he quickly dropped it to the trough.

A signal. Barrett felt a jolt shoot across his chest. Casually turning, he reached to grab hold of Shadow’s bridle and pretended to scrutinize the item in his fingers. He eyed the two men coming toward them.

Suddenly it all became clear. The Indian man at the pump was Kawia Jim, a member of a gang run by Bull Mabry – the very man who just happened to be riding past the new saloon this very moment. They were outlaws, wanted for robbery in Oregon.

The signal that passed between them meant they came to work. Barrett’s pulse picked up speed. A year ago he would have looked the other way, but that wasn’t an option today.

Flipping Shadow’s reins around the post beside the trough, Barrett strode across the street to the assayers office. Amelia and Morning Rain were still inside. And they were about to get caught in the middle of a robbery.


©Jen Cudmore 2014, All Rights Reserved

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