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Encouraging Links 07-17-14


July 17, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

This is the day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad.

Here are some posts I found encouraging over the past couple weeks.

I just signed up for blogs from the MOB Society, a sight for raising boys. They had a nice post up about honest. Teaching Boys to be Honest. “In a world that beckons boys to say what they think others want to hear, how can we help them become honest men of integrity?”

It’s a privilege to love “On the way home I began looking at my family through that lens. Do I see it as a privilege to love them? God intentionally placed them all in my life. None of it is by accident…Specifically with my husband, I needed a reminder that our love is not about making me happy or being loved in return.”

Top 10 reasons you feel more like a maid than a mom “Lets change our perspective so that in everything we do, whether it’s housework or childcare or paid work or even how we do marriage, we’re encouraging Christlike behavior from ourselves and those around us, rather than encouraging people to take us for granted.”

Helping your children develop good work ethic  “Are your children satisfied to sit back and watch others take on tasks? Do they moan and groan when asked to do work? Would you like your children to more joyfully complete work at home? If so, these four tips for helping children develop a good work ethic may assist you.”

Why you have to choose to be absent “Sometimes you need to do the crazy busy for a time. That can be part of life. But once you do that, you have to recognize the need to be crazy unbusy….The only reason there was a glorious gap in my to do list was because I fought for it. No one else will protect you from your to-dos.


Here are my thoughts on timed prayer and comparing ourselves to others.

Should we pray by the clock? “Eventually I realized it was foolish –God didn’t want to be limited by my schedule. He wanted to be my priority. Now I rise much earlier than I used to, which takes the pressure off my prayer time. I can take it slow, listening for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and just enjoying myself. Here are four reasons why praying by the clock is actually a hindrance.”

The Comparison Trap: Measuring ourselves against other women. “We wonder if we’re a good mom, wife, employee, Sunday School teacher… And we measure ourselves against other women to see if we meet the right standard….Comparing ourselves to other women is really a matter of pride. Only two outcomes are possible.”





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