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Another New Release: SFWP Series 3 Vol 1


September 4, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

More installments of the Wedding Planner series are on the way!

In the first series, we met Heather, owner of Donovan’s Wedding Service, a small yet fast-paced wedding planning office. We also introduced her mother (Gloria), receptionist (Raul), photographer (Indigo), caterer (Mario), best friend (Skye) and a handsome orthopedic surgeon (Bryan).

In the second series, we explained more of the backstory for each of the the five main characters.  For more about my character, Bryan, click here.

And today, series 3 begins!


Summary for Series 3 Volume 1, And So Autumn Begins

When Heather survived the biggest wedding of the summer, she figured she’d be able to relax. But she didn’t count on having to move her office to a new location, or deal with her mother’s health problems, or worry about her relationship with Bryan. Can she juggle it all and still run a successful business?


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