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What’s the Point of Self-Discipline?


September 8, 2014 by Jen Cudmore


For the past year I’ve been getting up each morning between 5am and 7am each morning. But lately I’ve struggled to roll out of bed. Can anyone else relate? Mornings can be so rough!

I thought my sluggishness was because my morning routine had changed with the start of school. I figured cutting back on my exercise routine made me more tired. Or perhaps because it was no longer light when my alarm went off. I pondered the problem for a few days and even prayed God would make it easier for me to get up so I wouldn’t be rushed to get us all out the door each day.

Then I heard a preacher say that some people need to implement more discipline in their lives.

After a pause and a gulp, I realized that was my problem! I could come up with all kinds of excuses for why getting out of bed was so difficult, but it boiled down to one simple little thing; I just needed to do it. I was wasting all my energy on identifying the problem rather than just moving forward and doing the right thing.

Then I realized there were other areas where I could use a little more self-discipline. (Gulp – it’s getting real, here!) I’d cut back on daily exercise for various reasons, and gotten lazy in my eating habits. I’d been skipping some household chores and wasn’t checking the bank and bills as often as I ought.

A few months back I was reminded that being a woman of self-discipline brings honor to my God.

He cares about the little things, the careless words that come out of my mouth, the quick irritation when something doesn’t go my way, procrastination of running errands, and being too lazy to get up when my alarm goes off.

So, I decided to be honest and fess up that I’ve been giving my flesh (that persistent old nature) a bit too much attention. I need a little – okay, a lot – more discipline in my life, and I’ve resolved to make that happen.

It’s not about how I feel or how comfortable each task happens to be. It’s a matter of honor and integrity.

What about you? In what areas can you use a bit more self-discipline?

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  1. A good word, Jen! There are times (like when I’m in my writing cave) that I let an awful lot slide. Getting up a bit earlier helps me stay on track.

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