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What Would It Be Like To Kiss The Face Of God?


December 8, 2014 by Jen Cudmore

On the way to a party over the weekend I popped in my new CD and cranked up the volume to one of my favorite Christmas songs “Mary, Did You Know?”

When Mary received the angel Gabriel’s news that she was with child, she had no idea exactly what lay ahead of her. What was she thinking as she held the great    I AM in her arms?

When I was young I pondered it often, a bit jealous that Mary had been the girl God chose be His mother when He came to earth in the flesh. I thought she was so lucky to  earn God’s favor, and pondered what about her had captured His attention.

Now that I’ve got two children of my own, I wonder how she carried out her daily tasks without constantly stopping to stare in wonder. After all, the baby had once walked with angels and commanded them. He was there when the world was created, and one day, every knee would bow before Him.

In those moments when she was changing diapers, what must that have been like for her? When she dressed him, fed him, cuddled him, sang him to sleep when he was cutting teeth – what was she thinking about?

How it must have stirred her heart to run her fingers over his cheek and press her lips to his head!

What, I wonder, would it be like to kiss the face of God?


Mary, Did You Know” as performed a capella by Pentatonix



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