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Is This Really The Season Of Giving?


December 12, 2014 by Jen Cudmore


December air always seems so full of joy and contentment! What is it about the smell of baked goods and the glow of tiny lights that feels makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside?

And why does the holiday spirit disappear the moment I don’t get my way?

This past year God has often reminded me how important it is to Him that His children learn to deny themselves. I was bummed last weekend when I saw reminders of just how selfish I can be.

1) During a quick lunch stop, I zipped over to the counter to refill my drink, determined to be first rather than wait for other customers.

2) When I went to drop my son off for a wrestling meet, I grew quite impatient waiting for the bus that was nearly twenty minutes late.

3) Although determined not to complain about discomfort, a couple times I let my irritation over the cold and the darkness slip out.

We’re all a work in progress, right? I’m determined to hang onto the holiday spirit this Christmas as I continue along my journey of dying to self! Life is not about little ol’ me. I choose to foster happiness every where I go and promote a season of giving!


Here’s another song by a capella group Pentatonix:


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  1. Jessica says:

    This was such a great reminder! Thanks for helping me to check my own heart and attitude this Christmas season.

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