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Why We All Need A Wound


January 5, 2015 by Jen Cudmore


I’m so glad 2014 is over.

If I had to pick one word to describe last year, it would be ‘suffering’. This has probably been the toughest season of life I’ve ever experienced but I think I’m better for it!

God uses pain to teach us lessons that only suffering can teach, lessons we would never learn any other way.

God has recently started speaking to me through mental pictures (what some people might call visions). As I sat in the rocking chair Wednesday morning with my tea and my journal, God gave me another one to sum up my year. I hope it will encourage you if you’re going through a season of suffering!


As I stood beside Jesus, I noticed multiple shards of red glass all over the floor. I knew right away it was my heart, broken into tiny pieces from all the wounds I had endured. I glanced at Him, figuring He would clean up the mess, but then I understood He wanted me to pick up the pieces. So I bent down and began to gather some of them in my hand; I could only use one hand because my other one wrapped tight in His strong grip.

I stood and held out my handful of broken glass, the red shards of my heart glittering in the light. Jesus gave me a tender smile. He took the pieces from my hand and began putting them back together again.

Feeling renewed, I bent down to grab more shards. I couldn’t get them all because there were too many, and I realized it will take some time for me to gather them all up.

In fact, it will take the rest of my life.


In that moment I understood what He wanted from me. He cannot take what I will not give. Rather than resisting or resenting, I must accept my brokenness and hand over the hurt a little at a time.

Brennan Manning said “To think that the natural and proper state is to be without wounds is an illusion“.

In this sinful world we will always have wounds; it’s what separates us from a holy, perfect God. To really live the abundant life, we have to accept our wounds when they come and let Him heal us. God uses long-term pain to make us into the people He designed us to be.

As I said in a previous post When it Rains, we will never want to go back to that person we were before. So this year, I’m choosing to embrace my brokenness.

Without wounds, why would we need Him?

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  1. Anita says:

    awesome description and vision. Thank you SO much for sharing. Wishing you every blessing for 2015 and protection from stabs from those sharp pieces you are gathering.

    Anita x

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