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A Little Peek At Ezer Kenegdo Ministries


June 25, 2015 by Jen Cudmore

I thought today I’d share a little bit of what my brain has been chewing on for the past month. First, here are a couple posts I wrote for ACWM:

3 Lies Women Believe About Marriage :  “Does your perspective of marriage align with God’s plan? As I was working on a project over the weekend, I pondered the misconceptions I once had about marriage and how they lead to the unraveling of relationship. I realized these were misunderstandings that many women believe.

Something Has Got To Give In This Marriage! Maybe It’s Me… : ” ‘Husbands need to change, and their wives know it.’  This statement, spoken by a pastor I really admire, took me off guard when I first heard it. Because the truth is, from the day the vows are said, wives dream of the day when their husband will become his absolute best. They assume their husband will spend his life working toward that goal of being the best husband (and father) he can possibly be.

Yet husbands don’t typically change as fast as we want… ”


Ezer Kenegdo Ministries


Here are some of the details – in rough-draft form!

perfectformeSpecific Goals: We inspire and equip women to be:

1) Faithful – Devoted first to God, and then to their husband, until ‘death do us part’.

2) Fierce – Protective of their husband’s heart, inspiring him to reach his full potential through support and affirmation.

3) Free – Liberated from sinful habits, unrealistic expectations and the bondage of insecurity.


Mission Statement:  Ezer Kenegdo Ministries is a non-profit, Christian organization, with no affiliation to a specific denomination, that seeks to assist wives in becoming all God designed them to be. Our purpose is to inspire and equip wives to develop a strong faith in God, a deep loyalty to their husbands, and a Biblical understanding of their role in marriage so they may experience abundant life. Our goal is to facilitate healing for their hearts and for their marriages as they reject destructive thoughts and behaviors, replacing their old ways with healthy habits based on truths in God’s word.

Motto:  “By God’s grace and the truth of His Word, I am learning to be the wife He designed me to be, a partner uniquely suited to my husband. I am faithful. I am fierce. I am free.”

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