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Summer News: Trips, Projects, and Upcoming Events


July 25, 2015 by Jen Cudmore

Yes, we had a fabulous family vacation – thanks for asking!

After visiting family and friends in Washington state, we drove straight to California where we spent 2 days at Disneyland. We stopped for a few hours at Six Flags Magic Mountain, then drove back to Washington. For the 4th of July, we went to Seaside, Oregon to watch fireworks.

PattSmithI also met up with a fellow author from Helping Hands Press – Gridiron Granny herself – Patti J. Smith!

Overall, though we were exhausted, it was quite a memorable  trip.

I’ve had several people ask me this month about my writing. I told them that I am not working on any novels this year because I have too many other things going on. Now that my personal struggles are not sapping so much of my energy, I am able to move onto other projects.


Here is an update on what I’m doing:

1) This week we had a committee meeting for the Gary Thomas Sacred Marriage Conference next fall. We discussed dates, costs, church participation, and schedule options. I’m so excited to be a part of this!

2) I’ve finished the rough draft of the articles and bylaws for Ezer Kenegdo Ministries. I am hoping to submit it to the state by the end of the month so we can be listed as a non-profit organization. Then I will look into setting up a website and a blog.

3) Fusion, the huge statewide teen conference, is coming up in 2 weeks. I just started working on my lessons. I’ve decided to talk about Divorce: God’s plan, the world’s perspective, how it affects kids, managing emotions, and hope moving forward. I got a lot of positive feedback from last year, so I’m hoping to be an inspiration to many hurting kids.

4) As far as writing, for now I am focusing on creating a curriculum to use for Ezer Kenegdo Ministries, similar to a Bible Study Guide or workbook. A godly woman who has worked in the healing ministry at her church has agreed to read through it and offer advice on wording so it’s clear and sensitive. I’ll be posting bits and pieces of it on my blog from time to time.

5) I’m still writing blog posts regularly for both Moms of Faith and Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry. I really believe both of these groups have a lot to offer to women.

Here are my most recent posts:

When to Stand Up For Yourself and When To Be Silent:  “Last week someone really hurt my heart. I requested one thing and I got the exact opposite. My concerns were completely ignored and determined to be invalid. In a situation where I should have felt secure and protected, I was cast aside and trampled.
When I tried to question how it was handled, all I got was rationalization in return. I was basically informed that my opinion didn’t matter and I needed to get over it.
Sometimes it’s hard to know how to respond when we’re mistreated.”

Why Every Family Needs To Get Away:  ”

My husband and I just returned home from an amazing vacation where we took our children on a road trip through three states. Although we were exhausted from the busy activities, we’re glad we made the sacrifice to go.

Because time away from home is essential for families. But why? Does it really matter? Should it really be a priority to get away?”


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