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Is It About Me, or About HIM?


August 24, 2015 by Jen Cudmore

I wonder how many people out there acknowledge God as ruler of all, and still live as though life is all about them?

In my personal study time over the past few weeks, God has shown me how my focus tends to shift away from knowing Him better to my own personal comfort.


I noticed that even with my best intentions, I still get caught up in trying to get what I want.

  • When I talk with Him, I spend more time asking for things than telling Him how awesome He is, thanking Him for blessings, learning more about Him.
  • When I study His Word, I look for what I can get out of it, what parts benefit me, rather than what He wants to show me about Himself.
  • When I listen to Christian music, I am more focused on the songs that make me feel good rather than the songs that are all about Him.
  • When I’m at church, I’m more concerned about where to sit, the right temperature, which songs are sung, the length of the sermon, or the teacher’s quirks than I am about being with Him.
  • When something goes wrong, I want Him to fix it rather than trying to see how I can learn, grow, and honor Him in my response.

So my challenge over the next few months, or years, is to keep the right perspective.  Life is all about Him.


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  1. Anita says:

    Jen. once again you have ‘named’ something that many will recognise. I know I did. Thank you. This helps keep me sharp and remind ME about it being all about HIM.

    Blessings Anita

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