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When Dreams Don’t Come True


November 1, 2015 by Jen Cudmore

What would you say if I confessed that I’ve lost interest in blogging?

I was going to say that life has been incredibly hard these past few years. But saying that is kinda dumb, because honestly, when is life not hard? We live in a fallen world, surrounded by sin & plagued by evil.

And yet, we have a Savior Who reminds us that this is not our home.

I’ve had a few dreams in my lifetime. Going on a mission’s trip. Attending college to earn a BA in psychology. Earning a Masters in family counseling. Getting married and having kids. Becoming a novelist. Teaching in women’s ministry. Saving marriages from divorce.

The thing about dreams is that they don’t turn out quite like we envision.

But that doesn’t make them wrong. It doesn’t mean we messed up. It’s just that we can’t see everything clearly in the beginning. Sometimes things have to be shifted around a bit. Re-positioned. Redefined.

And that can be very disappointing.

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I have a lot of goals. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. As a typical type A, when I decide on something, I go after it to the best of my ability. But lately I just can’t seem to reach them.

I wanted to write and sell more novels. I wanted more people to visit my website and read my blogs. I wanted to help more women find victory for personal struggles.  I wanted the opportunity to do more teaching. I wanted to have EK Ministries officially started.

And the more time passes where I’m unable to move forward, the further away those dreams feel. Another birthday passed last week, and I look back with disappointment in my heart that I still have so many unrealized dreams.

And then I remind myself to focus on the good in my life. My children have matured a lot this year. I’ve developed a stronger bond with some godly friends. My rocky marriage is being restored. I got to take several trips out of state. I’m learning to accept my weaknesses, understand my true value to the majestic Creator, not get so freaked out when things go wrong.

Sometimes certain dreams have to be put on hold while we work toward others.

So, while lately it’s been hard to find inspiration to keep up with blogging, I’m doing just fine. This is just me working toward my goals, one day at at time, trusting God to keep His promises.

Because God is faithful, and He makes all things beautiful in His time.



Here’s a couple posts I wrote for ACWM this month.

Marriage Communication Skills: Darts Vs. Clubs. “I’m recommending a change in how we approach our husbands when we need to speak with them about important issues.

How do you speak to your man? Do you smash him with clubs, or do you influence him with darts? ”

Sabotage, Traps, & Opposition “I tried to read a book. I know. Not a big deal, if you know me at all. My free time is typically spent reading. Novels. History. Blogs. Devotions. Bible Studies. But this was different. 

Because as much as I love to read, and as excited as I was about this particular treasure, I had a hard time staying focused on the words…I was halfway through when I realized something was very wrong.



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  1. You know there’s a certain Viking novel I was hoping to read someday, but I totally understand. I really think there are seasons, especially in the writer’s life, and we have to keep evaluating what season we’re in. Glad you’ve had a good year w/your family and the family always comes first! All the best with all your efforts, Jen!

    • Jen Cudmore says:

      Thanks for your support, Heather! I considered working on the Viking series this month, but I have too many other things I need to accomplish, so it’ll have to wait. Hopefully not too long!

  2. Mark Venturini says:

    Very timely. I’m going through a similar season in my life and plan to blog about it this week.

    Thanks for posting.

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