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What’s Ahead in 2016?


January 9, 2016 by Jen Cudmore


It’s Saturday afternoon, and I have been pondering what to write about this year as I blog for ACWM.

Which led me to thinking about what’s ahead for 2016!

I’ve already started my list of goals for the year. I still need to write out all the details of how to accomplish each one.

Personally, I am planning to take a family vacation, date my husband more, spend more time with extended family, continue to work on better health, and continue my goal of reading one book a month (not counting novels).

Professionally, I would like to officially start EK Ministries this spring, which means registering with the state as a non-profit and setting up a website so I can begin blogging. I would also like to attend a leadership conference this summer for women.

After a discussion with my agent, I have decided not to pursue novels again this year. I believe I am being called in a different direction. While I’m sad to not be writing fiction, I know I’ll eventually get back to it!

The other day I wrote a post reflecting on 2015, my personal year of jubilee. God helped me understand where I needed more rest and freedom in my life. Funny how we rarely notice when we’re living in bondage.

I’m not sure if He’s going to give me a specific word for 2016, but I’m ready to go where ever He leads. I can’t wait what to see what He has planned!

What about You? Where is God directing You this year?

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  1. Rene shaddox says:

    Jen….you are always such a inspiration to me. I miss you sister.

  2. Anita says:

    Wow, Jen, what a list of goals. Awesome. The past year I have struggled in getting ‘organised’. And by that I mean, that my weekdays all rolled into one. It was hard to find a rhythm in which I could produce and achieve those goals which I hold dear. The shift to our new dwelling took 12 months to ebb out of my system. I now feel settled- and am excited about 2016. I wonder how and on what I will reflect in December of this year.
    Wishing you every joy and energy in 2016.

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