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Resources for Biblical Fasting


December 8, 2016 by Jen Cudmore

I promised to provide a list of all the resources I studied about fasting.

My goal was to seek a wide variety of advice from Christian leaders, so I asked around to some friends for recommendations, and also did a couple web searches.

First, I looked up all the scriptures I could find on fasting and read through them a couple times.

I also listened to some podcasts from Charles Stanley and James MacDonald, which were very helpful. (Hopefully those are not too difficult for people to find!)

Recently, I looked up some blogs composed by Bill Bright, the founder of campus Crusade for Christ, and I think these were very well written. They are fairly short and a great place to start! Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer

There are 3 books I’ve read that address the topic of fasting in a chapter or two, and I recommend them to anyone:

  • The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson
  • The Intercessors Handbook by Jennifer Eviaz
  • You Are Not What You Weigh by Lisa Bevere

I ordered several books dedicated to fasting that I found helpful:

  • Ronnie Floyd – The Power of Prayer and Fasting
  • John Piper – A Hunger For God
  • Tony Evans – Speaks Out On Fasting
  • Don Colbert – Toxic Relief
  • Jentezen Franklin – Fasting

I don’t have a favorite, so if you’re trying to decide, just pray that God leads you to the right resource for you!

For more info on what I’ve learned, be sure to check out my posts at Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry! 7 Reasons for People in the Bible Fasted, 10 Personal Benefits of Fasting, Why Fasting Still Matters, and 3 Types of Fasts and How to Choose.

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