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Practical Preparation for a Fast


January 8, 2017 by Jen Cudmore

Before you start fasting, here are a few things to consider so you can be more successful:

1. Find a nice journal to record your conversations with God. Later, you’ll want to look back on your experience to see how you grew and how God came through for you.

2. Write down the goals and requests you are bringing to the Lord. This is your declaration, between you and God, and will keep you grounded when life becomes chaotic around you.

3. Decide to accept God’s response. Sometimes we get a big miracle, and sometimes it takes a while to see results. When I fasted for my marriage, I didn’t see full restoration for over a year, but I saw little blessings over several months that I knew were a result of my fasting.

4. Get your resources organized. Keep your Bible, pen and journal in one spot so you don’t waste any time looking for them. I also recommend getting a couple books on fasting to help you stay focused.

5. Check your motives. Be sure you’re fasting for the right reasons, because selfishness can hinder your experience. We must be desperate for God’s help, and determined to seek His glory in our situation.

6. Beware of the Enemy. Satan is not happy when we fast, because He knows God will move more powerfully. He is going to tempt us to quit, and he’s going to make life difficult for us. That’s why we need to reach out to each other for strength, and be sure to pray for each other.

7. Be ready for the physical ramifications. Our body is going to rebel, no matter why type of fast we choose. We’ll get headaches, we may feel foggy or dizzy, we may feel very cold or very weak. This is part of the sacrifice. We need to take it easy as much as possible and not tax our bodies by being too busy.



Please join our 21 Day Group Fast January 11-31!  We have a group on Facebook you’ll want to follow to stay connected and motivated.

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