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A Few Tidbits From the LifeWay Women’s Forum 2017


November 21, 2017 by Jen Cudmore

“I wish I had more time to write.”

My thoughts, at least once a week.

It’s been a struggle to not feel frustrated about ignoring my blog here. If you’ve been following the ACWM blog, you’ve seen me share about how life keeps getting more busy, with being promoted to manager at the medical clinic where I work. God has been using me to accomplish His purposes there, and He’s been growing my own faith as well.

But some days, I just want to stay home and write!

In an effort not to neglect my own blog too badly, I thought I would share some of the things I have been writing over at ACWM. I still blog there every Tuesday!

The ACWM team recently went to the LifeWay Women’s Leadership Forum in Nashville, and we had an incredible time. We got to see Beth Moore in person, we met worship leader Travis Cotrell, and some of us even went down the slide in the children’s ministry room!

We’ll all be sharing more about that trip over the next couple weeks. God is doing some amazing things with these women, and in the state of Alaska!

Here are a couple of mine so far:

When God Defines Leadership:

“She said we had ‘ridiculous potential’.”

Looking down at us from where she stood on the church stage, Beth shook her head in that delightful, spunky way. Her eyes were wide with determination that we accept how much God believes in us – every woman who attended the Lifeway conference. How He has a great plan for each of us. How He intends to use us to accomplish great things in His name.

Her message about being effective and productive in our calling was inspiring, and I came away determined to be steadfast in the tasks that God has assigned me.

Even if it means I have to work a full time job at the office…

5 Reasons to Attend a women’s Conference:

Several of us on the ACWM team just returned from the LifeWay Women’s Leadership Forum in Nashville, and we all had an amazing time! As I meditate on all I learned last week, I feel overwhelmed with joy over the experience. We each encountered God in a fresh, meaningful way. How I wish all women could attend such a conference!

So this morning, let me encourage you to consider the benefits of attending a retreat or conference – aside from the fact that it’s just plain fun! While I have heard a few women indicate that such a thing is not for them (because they are not a leader, because its not their personality, because they can’t afford it, etc.), I believe every woman who loves the Lord would benefit from attending, and here is why…

Veteran’s Day at the Cracker Barrel:

The conference had ended, and we were hungry.

On our way to lunch, we got stuck in traffic, so while we waited, we said a prayer about our travel plans home from Nashville. We knew the enemy would stalk us and try to steal our joy as we each returned to our holy callings and responsibilities. Little did we know, that pause for prayer would bring us a blessing and a friend in the form of a Vietnam Vet…




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